Toraya Karyo "Shaved Ice
(All images are sourced from Toraya's official website)

It has been announced on the official website that a "shaved ice" menu will gradually appear at Toraya Karyo. Uji Kintoki," which is common to all stores, and "Ice Anzu," "Hyuhanatsu and Onshu Mikan Ice," "Mikuriya Sencha Kintoki," and "To go Uji Kintoki," which are limited to stores, will be available.

Uji Kintoki

Toraya Karyo "Shaved Ice

Uji Kintoki will be on sale at all stores until September 30. The regular size is 1,430 yen (tax included, same below), and the small size is 1,100 yen. The regular size is 1,650 yen and the small size is 1,320 yen at the Imperial Hotel store, while the small size is only 1,320 yen at TORAYA TOKYO.

The flavor is described as "Ogura-an (sweet bean paste) topped with a generous amount of ice and thick matcha honey made from Uji green tea and Wasanbon sugar.

Ice Anzu

Toraya Karyo "Shaved Ice

Ice Anzu" can be ordered only at the Akasaka branch until September 30. Priced at 1,540 yen for regular size and 1,210 yen for small size.

It is made with an abundance of apricot puree and syrup of amaretto apricot liqueur. It is said to have a sweet and sour flavor perfect for the hot season.

Hyuganatsu and Onshu Mikan Ice

Toraya Karyo "Shaved Ice

Hyuganatsu and Onshu Mikan Ice" will be available exclusively at Tokyo Midtown from August 1 to September 30. It is only available in small sizes and is priced at 1,210 yen.

It is topped with honey made from Hyuganatsu and Onshu mandarin oranges and served with mikan agar. It is said to have a refreshing taste with the white bean paste under the ice.

Mikuriya Sencha Kintoki

Toraya Karyo "Shaved Ice

Mikuriya Sencha Kintoki will be sold exclusively at the Gotemba store from August 1 to 31. The price is 1,540 yen.

Mikuriya Sencha tea produced in the Gotemba area is used. The ice is topped with mikuriya and sencha molasses, and served with kuzu-starch sencha mizuyokan (water jelly). Underneath the ice, Sencha red bean paste and Ogura red bean paste are hidden.

To go Ujikintoki

Toraya Karyo "Shaved Ice

To go Uji Kintoki" will be available at the Tokyo Midtown store, Kyoto Ichijo store, and Kyoto Shijo Nanza store until September 30. The price is 756 yen.

Also, the Asakusa Matsuya store will offer both To go and eat-in from May 17 to September 30. Both items come with fuyaki. The price is 756 yen for To go and 770 yen for eat-in.