Yamaho Confectionery "Potato Chips, Sea Urchin Flavor

Yamaho Seika will introduce "Potato Chips Unimare Flavor" snacks, which will be available at convenience stores and general retailers nationwide from May 16, 2012. The product has a content of 45g (1.59oz) and an estimated price of 140 yen.

Potato Chips Unumi-Mire Flavor

This flavor of potato chips has been on sale since 2019. Based on the popularity of this flavor, it will be relaunched in 2022 after undergoing a renewal process. It is reported that the amount of sea urchin ingredients has been increased to allow consumers to enjoy the flavor even more. The new product is described as having the rich taste of sea urchin, but with less of a fruity flavor, making it suitable for a wide range of people, including those who love sea urchin.

The packaging is gold-colored to give the product a luxurious feel, and is designed to have a strong presence in stores. The package also incorporates a frame with a wave motif to convey the image of the sea, reminiscent of sea urchins, while at the same time making the product name easily recognizable at a glance.