Toraya "Rikyu Manju
(Image source: Toraya's official website)

Rikyu-manju will be available at some directly-managed stores on May 15. 40g (1.41oz) per piece, priced at 400 yen (tax included).

Toraya Rikyu-manju

Toraya's Akasaka store and some of its directly-managed stores sell specially ordered products in stores on the 15th of every month. The confectionery, which normally requires an advance reservation, can be purchased without a reservation.

The Rikyu-manju prepared on May 15 has a skin filled with "shiroshita-sugar," which is made by boiling down the juice of bamboo sugar, a type of sugarcane, while removing the scum, and then cooling it, and is wrapped in "gozen-an" (sweet red bean paste).

According to Toraya, Rikyu-manju generally refers to buns with brown sugar for the skin, and it is said that the name "Rikyu-manju" is derived from "Ryukyu-manju," the name derived from the place where brown sugar is produced. Toraya's products are characterized by the taste of white sugar, which is different from brown sugar.

They are sold at the Akasaka Store, Tokyo Midtown Store, Imperial Hotel Store, and Toraya Tokyo. Since the quantity is limited, the product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.