Lotteria "Exquisite Meat Festival

Lotteria will hold the "Excellent Meat Festival" from April 30 to May 8 (except at some stores), offering a special discount on its popular volume burgers.

Zesshin Meat Festival

The "Zesshin Meat Festival" will be held for a limited period of nine days during Golden Week to allow customers to enjoy Lotteria's popular "Zesshin Cheeseburger" volume burger at a reasonable price. The "Triple Bacon Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger," "Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger," "Double Bacon Double Zesshin Cheeseburger" and "Double Zesshin Cheeseburger" will be offered at a special price.

Triple Bacon Triple Excellent Cheeseburger

A burger with a luxurious triple layer of exquisite cheese hamburger patty and long-size bacon. The exquisite cheese hamburger patty is made by coarsely grinding beef up to approximately 8 mm, seasoning it with salt, pepper, and oregano, and combining it with Gouda and red cheddar cheese, then baked to perfection, topped with a layer of aromatic bacon smoked with an original blend of cherry and chestnut chips. Regularly priced at 1,316 yen, it is now available for 1,200 yen (10% tax included, same as below).

Lotteria "Triple Bacon Triple Excellent Cheeseburger".

Triple Excellent Cheeseburger

Three exquisite cheese hamburger patties are layered and sandwiched in a soft and fluffy bun. This juicy and satisfying burger is a must for meat lovers. Sold at 870 yen instead of the regular price of 996 yen.

Lotteria "Triple Zest Cheeseburger".

Double Bacon Double Excellent Cheese Burger

A burger with two layers of exquisite cheese hamburger patty and bacon. Sold at 820 yen instead of the regular price of 906 yen.

Lotteria "Double Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger".

Double Excellent Cheese Burger

Two excellent cheese hamburger patties are layered and sandwiched between soft and fluffy buns. It is simple, but you can taste the flavor of the meat. Regularly priced at 600 yen (696 yen).

Lotteria "Double Zested Cheeseburger".