Hanamaru Udon "Toro-tama Fair

Hanamaru Udon will hold a "Toro-tama Fair" from April 28. The "Toro-tama (beef)," "Toro-tama (pork)," and "Toro-tama (chicken)" will be on sale.

Torotama Fair

The yam is coarsely grated and the okra is cut into large pieces so that the original texture of the ingredients can be tasted. The okra is cut into large pieces and topped with a raw egg for a milder taste. Three types of meat are prepared: beef, pork, and chicken, each with a different flavor to bring out the best of the meat.

Beef tenderloin ball

Beef and onions simmered in a slightly thick, sweet and spicy sauce go well with the refreshing yam okra and udon noodles to create an irresistible taste. A little ginger topping is also recommended. Prices are 690 yen for small, 810 yen for medium, and 940 yen for large (tax included).

Hanamaru Udon "Toro-tama Fair

Pork Trotter Tama

Thinly sliced pork with plenty of grated daikon and Hanamaru original special ponzu sauce. The ponzu vinegar has a slightly strong sour taste to go well with the pork. Priced at 640 yen for small, 760 yen for medium, and 890 yen for large.

Hanamaru Udon "Toro-tama Fair

Chicken Toro Tama

Steamed chicken breast topped with bonito ume plum, a perfect accompaniment. The mild sourness of the bonito plum stimulates the appetite. This dish is a refreshing treat when the temperature rises and your appetite wanes. Prices are 590 yen for small, 710 yen for medium, and 840 yen for large.

Hanamaru Udon "Toro-tama Fair

All can be taken out. Prices are the same. However, there is a 30 yen per udon container fee.