Kappa Sushi "Natural Minami Tuna Tuna Tuna Tuna

Kappa Sushi will sell "Natural Minami Tuna Tuna Toboro" from April 23 to May 8 for a limited time. This product is made from the rare and valuable minami tuna fillet.

Natural southern bluefin tuna fatty tuna

While "Pacific bluefin tuna" is the king of tunas, "southern bluefin tuna" is also called the queen of tunas. Natural southern bluefin tuna is one of the rarest and most valuable products because of its small catch. Mr. Hoshino, the famous buyer who has been watching Kappa Sushi tunas for more than 20 years, has carefully selected the "Natural Southern Bluefin Tuna" for you to enjoy during the Golden Week holidays. Mr. Hoshino, who has been watching the tuna at Kappa Sushi for more than 20 years, has carefully selected the "Natural Minami Tuna Tuna Ootoro" to be served during Golden Week.

Natural southern bluefin tuna, also known as Indian tuna, migrates through the wild and cold seas of the southern hemisphere. The meat grown in the cold seas is characterized by its sticky, fine texture and rich flavor without any peculiarities. The fat of this big tuna is sweet and melts easily, making it an exquisite dish.

The "Natural Minami Tuna Tuna Tuna Tuna" is limited to a daily quantity and will be available only until it is gone. The price is 330 yen per portion (tax included). It is available at all Kappa Sushi restaurants.