Higashi Hato "Super Gigant! Tyrant Habanero"

Tohato's new snack food flavor, "Super Gigant! It will be available at convenience stores nationwide from April 25 for a limited time. Each bag contains 78 grams and is priced at 153 yen (tax included).

Super gigantic! Tyrant Habanero

This product is based on Tohato's classic potato snack "Tyakuun Habanero," which is made with "habanero," an extremely hot chili pepper. This time, the size of each piece has been doubled compared to the standard one. Also, while Tyakuun Habanero has a spiciness scale of "5," Super Gigant! The tyrant habanero is also flavored with the "10" spiciness standard.

In addition to this, garlic, onion, white pepper, cumin, paprika, and other powders as well as habanero paste are used as ingredients. The crispy and chewy texture makes them suitable for snacks as well as alcoholic beverages, and they are presented as being both fun to look at and enjoyable to eat, and suitable for a moment with family and friends.