Marugen Ramen "Ebi Unshun" and "Umashiri Niku Tsukemen" (Spicy Meat Noodle)

Marugen Ramen will introduce "Ebi Unnaku" and "Umami Spicy Meat Tsukemen" as a limited-time menu for early summer, which will be available from April 21.

Shrimp Unshunshun

Ebi Unnun" is a noodle menu item that includes five pieces of prawn unnun filled with plump prawns. It is characterized by its chewy texture and smoothness. Marugen Ramen's aged soy sauce is combined with a special shrimp oil to create a delicious shrimp flavor and texture. The price is 869 yen (tax included, same as below).

Spicy and Delicious Meat Tsukemen

The "Umami Spicy Meat Tsukemen" is a standard menu item for early summer. The cold, spicy broth is designed to stimulate the appetite as the temperature rises. The pork shabu with the umami spicy broth and the soup, which becomes richer with the added flavor of the pork shabu, are a perfect match. The soup is also served with a half-boiled egg, which gives the soup a mildly mellow taste. There are three levels of spiciness to choose from: "Umahotsu", "Chukotsu", and "Gekihotsu". The price is 913 yen.

Both are available at all "Ichi Marugen Ramen" stores and "Nidaime Marugen" stores. However, some stores may not carry them.