Easy recipe for "Oatmeal Okonomiyaki

We will introduce three "Okonomiyaki Arrangement Recipes" that the Engeki editorial staff actually tried to make and enjoyed. The three recipes are "Abura-age okonomiyaki", "Tofu okonomiyaki", and "Oatmeal okonomiyaki". Click on each recipe name to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Abura-age okonomiyaki

Just fill with ingredients and bake! We introduce an easy recipe, "Abura-age Okonomiyaki ". This recipe is perfect for when you want to add another dish or when you want something to snack on. Just fill with ingredients and bake!

Easy recipe "Okonomiyaki with deep-fried tofu

Tofu Okonomiyaki

Attention, dieters who still want okonomiyaki! Introducing " Tofu Okonomiyaki," a low-sugar recipe made with tofu. Simply mix and bake. If you want to increase the volume of the dish, you can add meat, seafood, fried egg, etc. as you like.

Low carbohydrate recipe "Tofu Okonomiyaki

Oatmeal Okonomiyaki

Here is a simple recipe for wheat-free " oatmeal o konomiyaki. The oatmeal grains remain just a little bit in the okonomiyaki, giving it a chunky texture. The spiciness of kimchi and the fresh aroma of green onions add a nice accent.

Easy recipe for "Oatmeal Okonomiyaki