Kappa Sushi "Yancha Donburi Chawanmushi

Kappa Sushi will sell "Yanky na Donburi Chawanmushi" from April 18 to April 24 as the sixth extra edition of the "Yanky Project" in the Serious Sushi series (until it is gone). The price is 385 yen (tax included).

Mischievous Donburi Chawanmushi

The sixth installment is not sushi as an extra, but "chawanmushi" (steamed egg custard), ranked No. 1 on the popular side menu at all Kappa Sushi restaurants in 2021, in a mischievous way. Chawanmushi" is also ranked No. 3 in the popularity ranking of all products, and is favored by many people. Many people eat two pieces of chawanmushi by themselves, and many people have been saying "I want to eat a bigger size chawanmushi! We have received some requests for this service. In response to such requests, the "naughty donburi chawanmushi" in donburi size will be available in limited quantities for each day.

The size of the donburi is about twice the normal size, and the toppings are more luxurious and powerful. In addition to the standard chawanmushi ingredients, it is topped with steamed shrimp, crab, salmon roe, and thick Japanese-style red bean paste, which are not normally used.

Kappa Sushi "Yancha Donburi Chawanmushi

The secret to the delicious taste is the exquisite "temperature control" and "steaming time" of the steamer, which can only be achieved by preparing the food in the store. You can enjoy the smooth texture and the flavor of the dashi broth, and it is also very filling and satisfying.