Haagen-Dazs "Creamy Cone Green Tea Macadamia

Häagen-Dazs "Creamy Cone Green Tea Macadamia" will be available exclusively at 7-ELEVEN on April 19. The estimated price is 348 yen (excluding tax).

Creamy Cone" is a cone-shaped ice cream jointly developed by Haagen-Dazs Japan and 7-ELEVEN Japan and available only at 7-ELEVEN since 2017. The luxurious combination of creamy ice cream and crispy waffle cone can be enjoyed.

Creamy Cone Green Tea Macadamia

This cone-shaped ice cream combines green tea ice cream and a waffle cone inspired by the famous Kyoto wagashi "yatsuhashi" sweets. Rich matcha ice cream is mixed with richly textured macadamia nuts and combined with a bitter matcha coating and cinnamon-flavored Yatsuhashi waffle cones. The bittersweet taste of matcha is accented by the texture and flavor of the waffle cone and macadamia nuts for a luxurious taste experience.