Gudetama" rubber mascot as a toy in the Hamasushi Hamakko set

Sanrio's popular character "Gudetama" will appear as a toy in the "Hamamako Set" of the 100-yen sushi chain Hamazushi, in a limited edition design.

Hamako Set

The "Hamamako Set" includes the "Hamamako Sushi Set" with tuna, shrimp, inari, fried tofu, and thick-baked egg for 418 yen (including tax), "Hamamako Potato Set" for 308 yen (including tax), "Hamamako Donburi Set" for 363 yen (including tax), and "Hamamako Drink Set" for 253 yen (including tax). All sets come with a choice of 12 drinks, including 100% apple juice, and coins for a special gacha machine. Anyone can order the "Hamamako Set. It is only available inside the store.

This time, a rubber mascot of "Gudetama," a character very popular for its loose cuteness (10 kinds in total), will appear as a toy for the exclusive gacha machine. As a secret design, three types of Hamasushi original rubber mascots are also available.

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