Marugame Seimen "Yakitate Gyuusuki Kamatama Udon" (Beef noodle)

Marugame Seimen will release "Yakitate Gyu Suki Kamatama Udon" on March 15. The combination of "kamanuki" noodles, which are served directly from the boiling pot in a bowl, beef cooked to sukiyaki flavor with special Warishita and Sanonto sugar after ordering, and a thick egg.

Yakitate Gyushi-Suki Kamatama Udon

The "Yakitate Gyusuki Kamatama Udon" is an even tastier version of the popular "Gyusuki Kamatama Udon. It will be back on sale for a limited time only.

It is served with "kaman-nuki" noodles, which are directly removed from the boiling pot and placed in a bowl, allowing you to fully enjoy its fluffy and sticky texture and wheat flavor. After ordering, the beef is grilled with a special sauce and sangon sugar to give it a sukiyaki flavor. The freshly cooked beef and the rich egg are intertwined with the homemade noodles. Drizzle "Dashi Soy Sauce" on the table when eating. The recommended condiment is "surigoma" (ground sesame), which adds richness and flavor.

Marugame Seimen "Yakitate Gyuusuki Kamatama Udon" (Beef noodle)

The "Yakitate Gyusuki Kamatama Udon" is priced at 720 yen (medium), 840 yen (large), and 960 yen (special) (tax included) and will be available until mid-June. To go is not available. Not available for To go. Some stores do not sell it and some stores have a different sales period.