Lotte "Nuts & Raisins

Lotte will release adult Western-style chocolates "Lemon Liqueur," "Muscat Liqueur," and "Nuts & Raisins" on March 15. Estimated price is around 216 yen each (tax included). These adult sake chocolates have been created by adding a twist to the sake chocolate technology that has been accumulated over many years, to create a taste that is perfect for the season.

Lemon Liqueur

A single piece of adult chocolate with the taste of sweet and sour lemon and the accent of alcohol. It contains 10.7% Sicilian lemon juice (fresh equivalent).

Lotte "Lemon liqueur

Muscat Liqueur

A single piece of adult chocolate with a fresh muscat flavor and an alcoholic accent. Muscat of Alexandria juice 8.9% (fresh equivalent) is used.

LOTTE "Muscat Liqueur

Nuts & Raisins

Macadamia nuts, raisins, and liquor accents can be enjoyed in this adult liquor chocolate. You can enjoy the harmony of the two textures of macadamia nuts and raisins, which go well with Western liquor, and rum.

Lotte "Nuts & Raisins