Tully's Coffee "Dates & Banana Royal Milk Tea

Dates & Cacao Soy Latte, Dates & Banana Royal Milk Tea, Banana Chocolateista, and Dates & Cacao Raw Brownie Bar will be available at Tully's Coffee on March 18. Some stores may not carry these products.

Dates & Cacao Soy Latte

Dairy-free seasonal latte. Vanilla-flavored soy latte topped with whipped soy milk and topped with dates and cacao nibs, known as superfoods. The sauce is made from 100% dates, which gives it the deep richness, acidity, and firm sweetness of dates. The rich aroma and crispy texture of the cacao nibs accentuate the flavor.

Tully's Coffee "Dates & Cacao Soy Latte

The sweetness of the dates is accentuated by Tully's special rich espresso. The entire drink offers a well-balanced taste of sweetness and bitterness. Priced at 517 yen for a short, 572 yen for a tall, and 627 yen for a grande (tax included for in-store consumption, the same below).

Date & Banana Royal Milk Tea

This drink combines the popular royal milk tea with a thick, pulpy banana sauce and 100% date sauce. You can enjoy its mild and fruity flavor. Customization with soy milk, which goes well with banana, is also recommended. Prices are 528 yen for short, 583 yen for tall, and 638 yen for grande.

Tully's Coffee "Dates & Banana Royal Milk Tea

Banana Chocolate Lista

The popular frozen drink "Chocolista," named after "chocolate + barista," will be available for a limited time only. It is a royal combination of banana and chocolate. Priced at 682 yen for short and 737 yen for tall.

Tully's Coffee "Banana Chocolate Lista

Dates & Cacao Raw Brownie Bar

Free of additives and 7 specified ingredients. The rich flavor of cacao mass and cacao nibs and moist texture can be enjoyed. Price: 242 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Dates & Cacao Raw Brownie Bar