KYOBASHI SEMBIKIYA "Phantasmagoric".
(All images are from the official website of KYOBASHI SEMBIKIYA)

Kyobashi Sembikiya has announced on its official website that it will be offering a night-only parfait called "Phantasmagoric," which will be available from February 1 to 28 after 16:00. The price is 2,640 yen.


KYOBASHI SEMBIKIYA "Phantasmagoric".

This parfait uses Kumamoto citrus "Pomelo Man", which is sold by Kyobashi Sembikiya. The name of the menu means "changeable," and Pomelo Man, which is transformed into various parts of the parfait, is combined with plum wine, lavender, and chocolate.

The ingredients are salt lace tuiles, flower ears, pomelo zest, Chantilly, pomelo granite, plum wine jelly, pomelo nuts, lavender jellied pomelo buns, hojicha cream, shiso leaves, plum seed cottage cheese ice cream, pomelo and plum wine bonbon chocolate, pomelo icing pie Pomeroman and plum wine bonbon chocolate, Pomeroman icing pie, fiyantine, Pomeroman peel, white chocolate coco paw.

Available at the Kyobashi Main Store, Tokyo Station Ichibangai Store, Marunouchi Building Store, Omotesando Harajuku Store, Atre Ebisu Store, Atre Ueno Store, Daimaru Tokyo 3F Parlor, Odakyu Shinjuku Main Building 6F Parlor, Tobu Ikebukuro 6F Parlor, Odakyu Fujisawa 5F Parlor, Odakyu Department Store Machida.

Quantities are limited and are subject to sell out. The menu is also subject to end without notice.