Bourbon "Pistachio Rush".

Bourbon will release "Pistachio Rush" and "Rich Chocolate Brownie Pistachio" on February 1. Handled at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and concession stands.

Pistachio Rush

Pistachio Rush is a chocolate bar that contains whole pistachios that have been shelled and roasted so that the rich flavor of the ingredients can be enjoyed. The texture and aroma of the pistachios and the mellow milkiness of the chocolate create a luxurious taste experience. The estimated price is 324 yen (tax included) for one piece.

Bourbon "Pistachio Rush".

Rich Chocolate Brownie Pistachio

Rich Chocolate Brownie Pistachio is a chocolate brownie with pistachio paste kneaded into the brownie batter and chocolate coating. It is a bar type cake with a rich taste that will satisfy you with just one piece. Contents: 1 piece, open price.

Bourbon "Rich Chocolate Brownie Pistachio

Both of these products are filled with the charm of pistachios. You can easily enjoy the elegant taste and aroma of pistachios.