Bourbon "Lemand Ice Cream Uji Matcha"

On January 31, Bourbon will release "Rumando Ice Cream Uji Matcha," a monaka ice cream with the flavor and mild bitterness of Uji matcha. This ice cream monaka ice cream is made with Uji Ichiban-cha (first green tea), which has a delicious and sweet taste, and Uji Niban-cha (second green tea), which has a moderate bitterness.

Lemand Ice Cream Uji Matcha

LUMANDO Ice Cream Uji Matcha is an ice cream made with Uji Ichiban-cha (first green tea) and Uji Niban-cha (second green tea). Inside each pile of monaka, there is a whole mini-lummando, which is specially designed for ice cream to make it more crunchy. The inside of the monaka is coached with white chocolate. The combination of green tea ice cream and Rumandos, with a hint of milk flavor, is Bourbon's unique "candy ice cream".

LUMANDO ICE UJI MATCHA contains 150ml (5.07us fl oz) of LUMANDO ICE UJI MATCHA and is expected to be available at mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks nationwide from January 31, 2012 at an estimated price of 243 yen (tax included).