Kura Sushi "Aburi Cheese Salmon

I had the chance to try three unique nigiri offered by Kura Sushi. They are "Thick Cheddar Cheese Tempura Sushi," "Aburi Shrimp Mayo Gratin Style," and "Aburi Cheese Salmon. The price is 110 yen each (tax included).

Rich Cheddar Cheese Tempura Sushi

The "Thick Cheddar Cheese Tempura" is topped with cheddar cheese. The light and crispy batter is filled with mild cheddar cheese. The thick texture and richness of the cheese is irresistible. The taste is sure to please even the youngest of children! Available only at the Suzurandai and Binario Umeda stores.

Kura Sushi "Thick Cheddar Cheese Tempura Sushi

Aburi Ebi Mayo Gratin Style

Aburi Ebi Mayo Gratin Style" is made with aburi shrimp topped with mayo gratin. I wondered if the topping part was gratin-like. I thought the topping might be gratin-like, but the flavor reminded me more of mayonnaise bread. The mayo has a strong presence. You can definitely enjoy the combination of shrimp and mayo.

Kura Sushi "Aburi Ebi Mayo Gratin Style

Aburi Cheese Salmon

Aburi Cheese Salmon" is a salmon topped with aburi cheese. The richness of the salmon matches the mildness and savory flavor of the cheese! It is a dish worth eating.

Kura Sushi "Aburi Cheese Salmon

The thick cheddar cheese tempura sushi, the Aburi shrimp mayo gratin style, and the Aburi cheese salmon are all unique. The "Aburi Cheese Salmon" in particular is a favorite of my family, who always order it whenever we go to Kurazushi. You should definitely give it a try!