Kentucky Fried Chicken "Cheese-Drowned Filet Sandwiches

Kentucky Fried Chicken will release the "Cheese-Drowned Filet Sandwich" on February 2 (excluding some stores). Quantities are limited and sales will end as soon as they are gone.

Cheese-Drowned Filet Sandwich

"I want to taste cheese to my heart's content! "Cheese-Drowned Filet Sandwich" is recommended for cheese lovers who want to "drown in cheese. The "Chicken Fillet Sandwich" is made with a single piece of domestic chicken, succulent with 11 herbs and spices, sandwiched between crisp lettuce, and topped with a generous amount of two kinds of cheese sauce.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Cheese-Drowned Filet Sandwiches

A blend of three cheeses (cheddar, cream, and Emmentaler) and a cheese sauce with an addictive garlic and pepper flavor are used to create a total of about 50 grams, the largest amount in KFC history. This is more than three times the amount of sauce used in the "Chicken Fillet Sandwich". When you take a bite, the 11 herbs and spices and the cheese sauce that goes well with the chicken filet become entwined, and the taste is irresistible.

<The price includes tax.
Cheese-drunk filet sandwich: 490 yen
Cheese sandwich set (cheese drowned filet sandwich, fries (S), drink (M)): 790 yen
Cheese sandwich box [Cheese drowned filet sandwich, boneless Kentucky, fries (S), drink (M), mini apple pie] 990 yen
Cheese-drunk double filet sandwich: 690 yen
Double cheese sandwich set (double filet sandwich, fries (S), drink (M)) 990 yen
Double cheese sandwich box (double filet sandwich drowned in cheese, boneless Kentucky, fries (S), drink (M), mini apple pie): 1,190 yen