Kura-zushi "Yaki-imo Tempura

Have you ever heard of the side dish "Yaki-imo Tempura" offered by Kura-zushi? I actually ordered it and tried it. The price is 110 yen (tax included).

Yaki-imo Tempura

The "Yaki-imo Tempura" is, as the name suggests, baked sweet potatoes made into tempura. The key point is that it is not a "sweet potato" but a "baked sweet potato. The calorie count is 184kcal.

Kura-zushi "Yaki-imo Tempura
Baked potato Tempura

The batter is fried to a crispy texture. The inside is filled with orange-colored baked sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes are so chewy and smooth that they look like whole sweet potatoes that have been tempura-fried! The sweetness of the sweet potato is irresistible. The sweetness of the sweet potatoes is irresistible, and the dish is somewhat dessert-like. This is a taste that even small children will love!

Kura-zushi "Yaki-imo Tempura

Yaki-imo Tempura, a side menu item at Kura-zushi, is not only delicious on its own, but also as a topping for udon or ramen noodles. Please give it a try when you go to Kura-zushi!

Note: This item is only available at the Suzurandai and Binario Umeda branches.