Japanese Restaurant Sato's "Tendon" half-price To go only

A campaign will be held to offer half-price To go only of "Tendon" from Japanese Restaurant Sato. The campaign is limited to the period from January 24 to February 28, 2012, to accommodate the increasing number of people eating at home.

Japanese Food Sato Tendon Half Price Campaign

Japanese Restaurant Sato's "Tendon" half-price To go only

Tendon at WASHOK SATO is one of the most popular To go menus at Sato. It consists of two shrimp tempura, seasonal fish such as horse mackerel, and vegetables. The tempura is battered with rice flour and has a light texture that will keep you coming back for more.

During the campaign period, the regular price of 646 yen (including tax, same below) will be halved to 322 yen. With more and more people eating at home, the campaign aims to encourage people who usually use WASHOK SATO and those who are new to the restaurant to enjoy To go.

Please note that items may be out of stock or the sales period may be shortened due to stock availability. Also, since it is a To go only, eating and drinking are not allowed inside the store. In addition, some of the ingredients and containers are subject to change.