Online Limited Nekoneko Valentine Set

The official online store, All Hearts Mall, will sell the "Online Only Nekoneko Valentine's Day Set" from January 24 to February 3.

Online Limited Nekoneko Valentine Set

This set includes one "Neko Neko Shokpan Super Chocolate", one "Neko Neko Shokpan Valentine Mikeco", two "chocolate pens", and one "original Valentine's Day card". It will be delivered in a special cat house box. Recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift for cat lovers. The price is 3,880 yen (including tax and shipping). Shipping is by frozen delivery.

Online Limited Nekoneko Valentine Set

Nekoneko Shokuban Supper Chocolate

This bread is made of slightly bitter black cocoa dough with chocolate chips and walnuts, and is only available for Valentine's Day 2022. It contains the largest amount of chocolate chips in the history of Neko Neko Shokuban. It contains five times more chocolate chips than the regular Neko Neko Shokuban Chocolate.

Neko Neko Shokuban Super Chocolate

Neko Neko Shokuban Valentine's Day Mike-Neko

The popular "Mike-Neko" line of Neko Neko Shokuban is now available in a special Valentine's Day version. You can enjoy three flavors at once: strawberry flavored dough mixed with strawberry flavored chocolate, cocoa flavored dough mixed with chocolate chips and walnuts, and plain dough.

Cat and Cat Bread Valentine's Day