Hanamaru Udon "A New Winter Favorite! Hot Tofu Fair"!

Hanamaru Udon will be holding a "New Winter Staple! The "Warm Tantan Udon Fair" will be held at Hanamaru Udon from January 21, 2012. Spicy Tantan Udon" and "Sesame Tantan Udon" will be available.

A new winter staple! Warm Tantan Fair

At the fair, two types of warm Tantan Udon noodles will be available, featuring warm winter noodles with fluffy softness, thick and creamy white sesame based soup stock, and topped with sweet and spicy chicken mincemeat and green onions. The lineup consists of two types: "Spicy Tantan Udon" and "Sesame Tantan Udon. Both are priced at 590 yen (small), 700 yen (medium), and 820 yen (large) (tax included), and will be available until early March. To go is available.

Spicy Tantan Udon

Hanamaru Udon "Spicy Tantan Udon

The "Spicy Tantan Udon" is made with a rich white sesame broth and spicy sesame raayu. It looks brightly colored and stimulates the appetite. You can enjoy the spicy and rich taste.

Sesame Noodle

Hanamaru Udon "Sesame Tofu Udon

Goma Tantan Udon" is an udon noodle dish where you can taste the rich and creamy taste of white sesame seeds. In contrast to the spicy and exciting tantan-don noodles, this dish has a milder taste and is easy to slurp down.