Sushiro "Steamed eel in the store"

At Sushiro, "Takumi no Ichizoku Chapter 2 Original" will be on sale for a limited time from January 19th (limited quantity per day). The price is 583 yen (tax included).

In-store steamed special eel

A new product developed with Mr. Izumi Kimura, a craftsman of the famous sushi restaurant "Sushi Jin" in Toyama Prefecture, with the desire to make the special eel that has been offered as a standard sushi menu for many years more authentic. The point of deliciousness is that after going through the cooking process devised by Mr. Kimura, it is steamed in the steamer inside the store. Through this process, the eel's body is finished more fluffy, and the finest fluffy texture and fragrant taste are realized.

Sushiro "Steamed eel in the store"

At Sushiro, eels are ikejime to keep them fresh and delicious. It is steamed well and finished into a plump eel. By slowly grilling it over charcoal, it removes excess fat and at the same time eliminates the odor of eel and condenses its deliciousness.

Sushiro's special eel

Sushiro's special sauce is soaked 4 times. It is finished in a balance that you can enjoy the taste of sauce and the original taste of eel.