Morinaga & Co. "Pink Twig"

From Morinaga & Co.'s long-selling chocolate "Twig", "Pink Twig" will be released on January 25th. Scheduled to be sold by the end of March.

Pink twig

"Pink twig" uses raspberry powder and cranberry juice powder. It is a new product that you can enjoy the taste of sweet and sour and dark berries. The combination of chocolate, puffs and biscuits is exquisite and crispy and delicious.

Morinaga & Co. "Pink Twig"

The package is based on a cute pink color and has a twig-like texture. The gorgeous twigs are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts. The content is 44 (4 x 11 bags), and the price is 194 yen (tax included). The "Pink Twig Tea Time Pack" with a content of 116g (4.09oz) is an open price.

Morinaga & Co. "Pink Twig Tea Time Pack"


"Twig" released in 1971. At that time, environmental destruction progressed in the shadow of high economic growth, and the world began to pay attention to the natural environment. It was released with a TV commercial that emphasized the importance of nature, saying, "Treasure the twigs of the plateau."

Nowadays, social problems have diversified after about half a century. We are gradually working for the future from what we can do, such as adopting environmentally friendly packages and chocolates that support cacao producers.