FamilyMart "Snow Gummies I Dreamed of That Day"

From Kanro, "Snow Gummy I Dreamed That Day" will be released on January 18th, where you can enjoy the extraordinary feeling of eating snow. Available in limited quantities at FamilyMart.

The snow gummy that I dreamed of that day

" That day's dreamed cloud gummy " released in August last year has a fancy world view package that sympathizes with women as the image of the extraordinary feeling of eating clouds. Was called. Arrangement recipes that float on beverages became a hot topic on SNS, and were very popular as they sold out immediately.

As the second installment of the healing gummy series that has been well received and soaked in an extraordinary feeling, a limited number of "Ano that day dreamed snow gummy", which is based on the image of fluffy snow, is on sale. This product is a gummy candy with a fluffy, fluffy texture and the image of pure white snow.

FamilyMart "Snow Gummies I Dreamed of That Day"

In addition to the two types of "snowflake type", the gummy type is a lucky "snow country middle type" when you meet them. By arranging your favorite gummy candies to create a small snow scene, you can enjoy the feeling of non-sun eating as if you were eating fluffy snow.

Contents 42g (1.48oz). The estimated price is 158 yen (tax included). It may not be available depending on the store.