Kappa Sushi "Kaminari Mountain Salad Warship Zanmai"

At Kappa Sushi, "Kaminari Mountain Salad Gunkan Sanmai" will be on sale from January 17th to January 23rd as the third installment of the serious sushi series "Naughty Planning". Cannot be taken home. The price is 330 yen (tax included) for 3 pieces.

Kaminari Mountain Salad Warship Zanmai

"Salad Warship" is overwhelmingly popular in Nagano Prefecture, the birthplace of Kappa Sushi. Boiled sushi and fish paste mixed with mayonnaise to make a warship sushi. In the 2021 sushi popularity ranking of all Kappa Sushi stores, it ranked 3rd after 1st place "Tuna" and 2nd place "Ikejime Hamachi", and is supported by many people in the whole country.

Kappa Sushi "Salad Warship Samadhi"

Crab sticks and a generous amount of corn, which has been renewed this year and are very popular, are served with mayonnaise on the 3 pieces of the proud "Salad Warship", and the tobiko is colorfully topped at the top. It is a dish that can satisfy people and children who are not good at raw foods. When taking a picture, you can take a powerful picture by shooting from below.

Kappa Sushi "Kaminari Mountain Salad Warship Zanmai"

The recommended way to eat the corn is to first apply the corn to the whole, and then divide the three warships with the toppings above. Consistently, a big mouthful of salad warship + Tobiko, corn, and crab stick. For the second piece, enjoy the upper part with only Tobiko, corn, and crab sticks. Enjoy arranging the third piece with sweet sauce, wasabi, etc.