Nakau "Parent-child curry" "Special egg cutlet curry"

Nakau's "Oyakodon" is said to be a combination technique menu for people who want to eat both Oyakodon and curry. At the same time, "Special Egg Cutlet Curry" will also be available. It will be available from January 20th.

Parent-child curry

Nakau "Parent-child curry" "Special egg cutlet curry"

"Oyakodon" uses special warishita and "specialized eggs" and is cooked in the restaurant for each order. Oyakodon and tender chicken thighs are used, and the scent of 18 kinds of spices and the sweetness of onions. A combination of chicken curry that is characterized by its characteristic. It is said that you can enjoy various tastes according to your taste and mood, whether you eat them separately or mix them together.

The selling price is 680 yen (tax included, same below) for the (normal) size. (Large) Size is available for 750 yen.

Discerning egg cutlet curry

Nakau "Parent-child curry" "Special egg cutlet curry"

"Special egg cutlet curry" is a combination of "special egg" and "cutlet", which are popular toppings for curry. The selling price is 720 yen for the (normal) size and 790 yen for the (large) size.

Both can be eat-in and To go. You can also make a reservation from Nakau's official application and receive it without waiting at the store.