Ginza Cozy Corner "Spring Madeleine"

The seasonal gift "Spring Madeleine" will be on sale from mid-January to early April at the Ginza Cozy Corner.

Madeleine in spring

The most popular "Madeleine" in the baked confectionery section of the Ginza Cozy Corner will feature the deliciousness of spring only this year. Contains "Momo Madeleine", which has the mellow sweetness and scent of Okayama Prefecture's white peach "Hakuho", and "Sakura Madeleine", which uses domestic cherry blossoms and has a fluffy scent of cherry blossoms. Both are attractive for their soft, moist and gentle taste.

Ginza Cozy Corner "Spring Madeleine"

In addition to "Momo Madeleine" and "Sakura Madeleine", "Strawberry Madeleine" with a slight acidity of Amaou strawberry and "Butter Madeleine" where you can enjoy the rich taste of butter and eggs are included. Four kinds of seasonal delicious and classic popular Madeleine are assorted.

Ginza Cozy Corner "Spring Madeleine"

Price including tax is 6 pieces (1 each of thigh madeleine, cherry madeleine / 2 pieces each of strawberry madeleine, butter madeleine) 540 yen, 12 pieces (3 pieces each of thigh madeleine, cherry madeleine, strawberry madeleine, butter madeleine) 1,080 Circle.

It can also be purchased at the Ginza Cozy Corner online shop, Ginza Cozy Corner Rakuten Ichiba store, and Ginza Cozy Corner PayPay Mall store.

"Sakura Madeleine", "Momo Madeleine" and other madeleines are sold separately. Please check the official website for details.