Seijo Ishii "Pistachio Cream and Strawberry Tart"
(The source of the image is Seijo Ishii official blog)

Seijo Ishii's new homemade dessert "Pistachio Cream and Strawberry Tart" is now on sale on the official blog. A colorful dish made with strawberry compote and pistachio-filled mousseline. The selling price is 1,070 yen (tax included) per bottle.

Seijo Ishii Pistachio Cream and Strawberry Tart

Creme damand and homemade custard cream are layered on a buttery tart dough, and strawberry compote and pistachio mousseline are placed on top. Mooseline is a mixture of custard cream and butter, which has a firm firmness but melts in the mouth, and is characterized by a smooth and fine texture.

The sweet and sour strawberry compote goes well with the rich pistachios. It has a gorgeous shade of red and green, making it a rich cream dessert that you will want to eat in cold weather. It is said that it is suitable for home use as well as a small souvenir.