Ministop "Bucket Potato"

"Bucket potato" will appear in Ministop. A product that contains 3 pieces of the popular top menu "X French fries" in the counter case next to the cash register. It will be available from January 14th. The selling price is 641 yen (tax included) for To go. The tax rate is different for eat-in.

Ministop bucket fries

The X-fried potatoes have a cross section cut into an "X" shape, which gives a total of 12 oil-like parts when fried, giving it a crispy, chewy and unique texture. In addition, as the raw material potato, agria species from Europe, mainly Germany, which is rare in Japan, are used.

It has a relatively high starch value and is yellowish, and it is characterized by being creamy when made into french fries. The color when fried is beautiful, and you can feel a slight sweetness when you eat it. After ordering at the cash register, the final processing is done in the in-store kitchen, and you can enjoy the freshly fried food.

When the "1.5x increase sale" was held from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022, the sales were much higher than expected. Based on that, this time, "Bucket Potato", which was sold as a project in the past and has received a lot of feedback from its appearance and enjoyment, will appear as a regular menu in response to the needs of bulk buying. It is said that you can enjoy it alone or with your family.

In addition, Ministop will continue to handle various potato menus, including for a limited time.