LeTAO January New Sweets

Check out LeTAO's new January sweets all at once! "Mon Chocolat", "Chocolat Pom Royale", "Fromage Brulee Dre Chocolat", "Chocolat Pister Shroll", "Venice Rendezvous Dolce Chocolat".


Rich taste with two layers of shanti, chocolate shanti with almond paste and shanti custard with custard, cream and vanilla paste. It looks like a "mountain of chocolate cake" and is a special Valentine's chocolate cake that has an impact and is full of deliciousness. 12 cm in diameter. The price is 2,592 yen (tax included, shipping fee not included 890 yen, same below).

LeTAO "Mon Chocolat"

Chocolat Pom Royale

Lutao's popular chocolate "Royal Montagne" and apples are combined to create a satisfying chocolate cake. The aroma of black tea creates an elegant flavor unlike any other, and the mousse in the lower layer is sprinkled with Fuji apple dice to add an accent to the taste and texture when eaten. 12 cm in diameter. The price is 2,484 yen.

LeTAO "Chocolat Pom Royale"

Fromage Brulee Dre Chocolat

For Chocolat Brulee, Italian Ambrosi mascarpone and LeTAO's special cream are used to balance cheese and chocolate to create a rich and mellow taste. Sprinkle the included caramel crush and bake in a toaster to enjoy the hot outside and cool inside like catalana. Contains 5 pieces. The price is 2,160 yen.

LeTAO "Fromage Brulee Dre Chocolat"

Chocolat Pister Shroll

A limited-time roll cake that takes advantage of the deliciousness of pistachios and chocolate. Roasted pistachio is used for the cream for a delicious finish, and LeTAO's special cream and milk chocolate are used for the ganache for a mellow finish. About 11.5 cm. The price is 1,782 yen.

LeTAO "Chocolate Pister Shroll"

Venice Rendezvous Dolce Chocolat

The popular Venetian Rendezvous will be available again this year with Valentine's Day specifications. A chocolate dessert unique to LeTAO that combines brulee with dark chocolate with a cacao content of 60%. You can enjoy the sweet and melty taste that makes you feel happy and the sense of unity with the fragrant cookie tart. 15 cm in diameter. The price is 2,160 yen.