Linz "Lindole Sakura"

"Lindall Sakura" will be on sale from January 20th to May 31st at the Linz Chocolat Boutique (finished as soon as it runs out). In addition, "Lindall Sakura Gift Box 16 pieces" and "Lindole Sakura Gift Bag 8 pieces" are also available.

Lindor Sakura

"Lindole" is a chocolate that represents Linz and is characterized by its melting and luxurious melting. "Lindall Sakura" to be released this time is a special flavor that can be purchased for a limited time only at directly managed stores in Japan among more than 120 countries in the world where Linz develops.

Linz "Lindole Sakura"

A flavor that delicately expresses the beautiful spring of Japan by the premium chocolate brand "Linz". A cherry-flavored filling is trapped in a white chocolate shell containing strawberry powder made from high-quality chocolate unique to Linz.

"Lindole Sakura" is a "Pick & Mix" where you can buy your favorite chocolate in the amount you like by weight, and you can purchase it in combination with various flavors of Lindor. The price is 781 yen per 100g (3.53oz) (tax included, same below). A "gift bag S / M" (S 100 yen / M 150 yen) and a "gift box" (300 yen) with a cherry blossom pattern that can also be used as a pick and mix gift bag will also be available.

Linz's Sakura Pattern Gift Bag / Gift Box

Lindor Sakura Gift Box 16 pieces

Assorted "Lindole Sakura", milk, dark and matcha lindole in a pastel pink gift box with cherry blossoms. A hidden Lindor is drawn somewhere on the package. The price is 2,160 yen.

Linz "Lindall Sakura Gift Box 16 Pieces"

Lindor Sakura Gift Bag 8 pieces

A gift bag containing "Lindall Sakura". The gift bag with a cute cherry-colored ribbon handle is easy to carry and is useful as a gift for spring events. The price is 1,080 yen.

Linz "Lindall Sakura Gift Bag 8 Pieces"