Relievedly more "Yakitori Oyakodon"

"Yakitori Oyakodon" will appear in Hotto Motto. It will be available nationwide from January 20th. It will not be sold at "Hot Motto Grill". The selling price is 490 yen (tax included).

Yakitori Oyakodon

Relievedly more "Yakitori Oyakodon"

The yakitori and green onions of the young chicken, which is fluffy baked in Bincho charcoal at high temperature and in a short time so as not to let the umami escape, are placed on the fluffy onion-filled egg binding. Unlike the "Oyakodon" that is already on sale at Hotmore, it is characterized by the fact that you can enjoy two flavors.

In addition, the sauce entwined with yakitori is tailored differently in the east and west according to the taste of the area. In eastern Japan, two types of soy sauce, dark soy sauce and charred soy sauce, and the sweetness of mirin go well with yakitori.

In western Japan, the elegant sweetness and umami based on this brewed soy sauce are often entwined with yakitori, and it is said that the taste of rice goes on. In both cases, it is recommended to compare the chicken with chicken glass soup, soy sauce, and chicken seasoned with ginger and the traditional oyakodon, which is softly bound with eggs.