Ootoya "Demi-glace" Japanese "stew with pork tongue and roasted vegetables" "Oyster and walleye pollock cream" Japanese "stew"

At Ootoya, "Demi miso" Japanese "stew of pork tongue and roasted vegetables" and "Cream" Japanese "stew of oysters and walleye pollock" will be on sale. Both will be on sale from January 14th.

Demi-glace "Japanese" stew with pork tongue and roasted vegetables

Ootoya Pork tongue and roasted vegetables Demi miso "Japanese" stew

Ootoya's special Demi miso "Japanese" stew with red miso added to Demi sauce. It is a dish of rice that goes well with big vegetables and soft pork tongue that has been carefully simmered. The price is 1,380 yen (tax included).

Oyster and walleye pollock cream "Japanese" stew

Ootoya oyster and walleye pollock cream "Japanese" stew

A cream stew with a lot of flavorful "Japanese" ingredients, which is made by adding soup stock and lees to a cream stew containing white miso. You can enjoy the delicious taste of oysters and walleye pollock. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included).

Corn butter

Grated cheese

Additional toppings Corn butter grated cheese

An additional topping that makes the two "Japanese" stews more delicious and allows you to enjoy different variations. There are two types, "corn butter" that adds crispy texture and mellowness, and "grated cheese" that adds richness and flavor. The price is 90 yen each (tax included).