Excelsior Cafe "Cafe Chocolat"

At Excelsior Cafe, "Basil scented shrimp creamy doria", "Porcini scented roast chicken creamy rice", "Red wine scented cheese hamburger doria", "Cafe chocolate" and "Chocolat chiffon" will be released on January 27th.

Creamy doria with basil-scented shrimp

Doria with the scent of basil sauce is appetizing. Millet rice mixed with black rice and glutinous wheat in domestic Koshihikari, accented basil sauce, pre-prepared shrimp, sour tomato, and mellow white sauce are combined. The price is 720 yen in the store and 707 yen for To go (tax included, same below).

Excelsior Cafe "Basil-scented shrimp creamy doria"

Creamy rice with roast chicken with porcini scent

Millet rice mixed with domestic Koshihikari, black rice, rice cake, etc., combined with a creamy sauce with a porcini scent, topped with roast chicken and broccoli. The price is 680 yen in the store and 668 yen for To go.

Excelsior Cafe "Porcini scented roast chicken creamy rice"

Red wine scented cheese hamburger doria

The 2021 autumn menu "Cheese Hamburger Doria" has been renewed. The hamburger steak with chopped roast beef, the tantalizing cheese, and the broccoli toppings remain the same, but this time the demiglace sauce has been changed to a slightly more mature taste. It enhances the aroma of red wine. Alcohol content in demiglace sauce is about 0.6%. The price is 750 yen in the store and 736 yen for To go.

Excelsior Cafe "Red Wine Fragrant Cheese Hamburger Doria"

Cafe Chocolat

A perfect Valentine's day with a chocolate drink and espresso. You can enjoy the bitterness of espresso, the flavor of chocolate, the milky taste of whipped cream, and the change in taste over time. Topped with cacao nibs from the cacao hunters to accent the aroma and texture. Hot only. The price is 500 yen in the S size store and 491 yen for To go.

Excelsior Cafe "Cafe Chocolat"

Chocolat chiffon

A dessert plate with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cacao nibs on a "fluffy, moist" chiffon cake that is a blend of wheat flour and domestic glutinous flour. Enjoy the mellowness of whipped cream, the cacao flavor of chocolate sauce, and the mellow aroma of cacao nibs carefully selected by the cacao hunters. The price is 600 yen in the store (no To go sale).

Excelsior Cafe "Chocolat Chiffon"