Kyobashi Sembikiya "Phrase Chocolat"
(All images are from the Kyobashi Sembikiya official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Phrase Chocolat" will appear as a Valentine's Day menu at Kyobashi Sembikiya. It will be available at some stores from January 14th to February 14th.

Kyobashi Sembikiya Phrase Chocolat

Kyobashi Sembikiya "Phrase Chocolat"

The feature is that seasonal strawberries are used. You will be guided to a chocolate cake-style parfait with a hint of rum, chocolate cream, Genoise chocolate, sweet and sour berry sauce, and ice cream. The stores that handle it are as follows.

・ Kyobashi Main Store ・ First Avenue Tokyo Station Store ・ Marunouchi Building Store ・ Omotesando Harajuku Store ・ Atre Ebisu Store ・ Atre Ueno Store,
・ Daimaru Tokyo 3F Parlor ・ Odakyu Shinjuku Main Building 6F Parlor ・ Tobu Ikebukuro 6F Parlor ・ Odakyu Fujisawa 5F Parlor ・ Odakyu Department Store Machida

It is said that the number is limited and may be sold out. It is also said that the menu may be closed without notice. The selling price is 2,200 yen (tax included, same below). For an additional 440 yen, you can get "Today's Fruit Tea" with coffee, tea or honey syrup.