"Kintetsu Department Store Limited Karel Chapek Tea Chocolate" Morozoff x Karel Chapek Tea Shop Collaboration

Limited to Kintetsu Department Store, "Kintetsu Department Store Limited Karel Chapek Tea Chocolate", which is a collaboration between Morozoff and Karel Chapek Tea Shop, will be on sale for a limited time. The sale period is from January 18th to February 14th. The price is 600 yen (excluding tax). The stores that handle it are the Kintetsu Department Store Morozoff section and the Valentine's Day exhibition hall.

Kintetsu Department Store Limited Karel Chapek Tea Chocolate

The chocolate created in collaboration with Morozoff and Karel Chapek tea shop has an excellent combination of the aroma of black tea and the flavor of chocolate. The scent of black tea is fluffy from the moment you open the package. The tea used is Ruhuna tea from "Lumbini Tea Garden", which is exclusively contracted by "Karel Chapek". The elegant aroma enhances the deliciousness of chocolate. The cute package is also attractive.

Lumbini Tea Garden Ruhuna Tea

Lumbini Tea Garden "Rufuna Black Tea" is a black tea made from tea leaves picked in the Ruhuna area located in the southern part of Sri Lanka. It is characterized by a mellow taste when milk and sugar are added.