Ishiya Co., Ltd. "Chocolate in love Chocolat Baumkuchen (orange)"

Ishiya Co., Ltd. will release Valentine's Day products "Love Chocolate Chocolat Baumkuchen (Orange)" and "Love Chocolate Favorite Select" on January 15th.

Chocolate in love Chocolat Baumkuchen (orange)

The sweetness is modestly bittersweet and sour, a little adult Baumkuchen. In the center of the fluffy chocolate baumkuchen, chocolate cream with the scent and acidity of bergamot and orange is put, and orange slices are decorated.

Ishiya Co., Ltd. "Chocolate in love Chocolat Baumkuchen (orange)"

By kneading the dough with couverture chocolate with a cacao content of 55% and cocoa powder, you can feel the taste of chocolate firmly and reduce the sweetness. Considering the balance with the chocolate cream inside, it is baked with a soft texture so that it does not become too heavy. If you heat it in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds, the chocolate cream in the center will melt and you can enjoy a different taste.

Ishiya Co., Ltd. "Chocolate in love Chocolat Baumkuchen (orange)"

The price is 1,512 yen (tax included) per piece. The best-by date is 46 days including the manufacturing date. The sale period is scheduled from January 15th to February 14th.

Chocolate in love Favorite Select

Assorted bite-sized Ishiya original chocolates. There are four types: "milk" with a mellow and rich flavor, "white" with a gentle sweetness, "strawberry flavor" with a refreshing sweetness and sourness, and "matcha flavor" with a slight bitterness.

Ishiya Co., Ltd. "Love Chocolate Favorite Select"

The price is 648 yen for 9 pieces, 864 yen for 12 pieces, 1,296 yen for 20 pieces, and 2,592 yen for 40 pieces (tax included). The expiration date is 330 days including the manufacturing date.

[Handling store]
・ ISHIYA G directly managed store (GINZA SIX, Keio Department Store Shinjuku store, Ecute Tokyo, Haneda Airport Terminal 1, Daimaru Shinsaibashi store)
・ ISHIYA Sapporo Odori Main Store, ISHIYA SHOP stores in Hokkaido (Daimaru Sapporo Store, Esta Dai Food Street, Sapporo Tokyu Department Store, Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store, Ario Sapporo)
・ Shiroi Koibito Park Shop ・ Piccadilly ・ ISHIYA CAFÉ Kitahiroshima City Hall Store ・ ISHIYA Online Shop

* ISHIYA G Ecute Tokyo and Haneda Airport Terminal 1 do not handle "Favorite Select".