the 3rd Burger "Fountain Cheeseburger"

"Fountain Cheeseburger" will be on sale in limited quantities from the 3rd Burger. The release date is January 19th. The price is 690 yen (tax included, same below).

Fountain cheeseburger

Until now, cheese in hamburgers has always been sandwiched between toppings. However, this fountain cheeseburger has plenty of cheese inside the crown (upper buns). It's so generous that the cheese is looking out from above. This Fountain Cheeseburger is one of the ultimate forms to enjoy cheese to the fullest. Cheese in buns where rich cheese based on cheddar melts and overflows. Each one is carefully hand-baked,
the 3rd Burger Completely original homemade buns.

the 3rd Burger "Fountain Cheeseburger"

There is also a great set menu with drinks (S) and potatoes (S). The price of the "Fountain Cheeseburger Set" is 950 yen.

* Prices may vary depending on the store.