Patisserie Pinade "Fukuneko Coupe"

"Fukuneko Coupe" will be released on January 14th at Patisserie Pinade. The price is 650 yen (tax included) per piece. * Some stores are not available and some stores have different prices.

Fukuneko Coup

Coupe is a French word for "dessert with fruits and cream in a bowl". The pinade coupe is luxuriously layered with whipped cream, fruits (strawberry, orange, banana), sponge, custard cream, and pike lamb. Topped with a cute cat icing cookie to finish. A wide variety of cats are lined up, so it is recommended to look for a cat with the same pattern as your cat or your favorite cat.

Patisserie Pinade "Fukuneko Coupe"

Sweets that you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of juicy fruits along with the mellowness of whipped cream and the texture of crispy pie crumbs. You can enjoy various tastes and textures, so you can eat until the end without getting tired.

Patisserie Pinade "Fukuneko Coupe"

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