Re-Ment "Meiji chocolate and blissful house time"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

From Re-Ment's "Petit Sample Series", a collaboration product with Meiji, "Meiji Chocolate and Blissful Home Time," will be released on January 29th. The price is 825 yen (tax included) per box. The contents are random.

A blissful house time with chocolate from the Meiji era

"Meiji chocolate and blissful house time" is a miniature version of Meiji chocolate. You can recreate the room by collecting all types. The lineup consists of the following eight types. One box contains figures and mini seats.

1 Let's take a break
2 With thoughts for your loved ones
3 Take a walk
4 Which school are you?
5 Feeling outdoors even indoors ♪
6 It was hot chocolate
7 My taste to know by mariage
8 This year is already the snow season

Meiji chocolate is a cute miniature! Why don't you collect them aiming for completeness?

* The actual product and photos may differ slightly.
* All types of boxes with the sticker "All types of items are available" at the time of delivery are available.