Asahi Soft Drinks "Calpis Soda Crush Lemon"

Asahi Soft Drinks will release "Asahi Soft Drinks" on January 25th. The price is 151 yen (tax included) per 500 ml PET bottle.

Calpis Soda Crush Lemon

"Calpis Soda Crush Lemon" is a milky carbonated drink made by adding lemon oil made from lemon juice and peel to "Calpis Soda". With the sweet and sour "Calpis Soda" and the refreshing scent of lemon, you can enjoy the refreshing taste that is perfect for a change of mood.

The package has the "CALPIS SODA" logo placed at a large angle and the lemon fruit is boldly and vigorously designed to express a refreshing throat.

Calpis Soda

"Calpis Soda" is a milky carbonated drink that you can enjoy the sweetness of "Calpis" produced by the natural method of fermentation using lactic acid bacteria and yeast, and the refreshing throat created by the fine bubbles. Going forward, we will continue to actively propose new products, such as products that use fruits according to the season.