Italian tomato "Black truffle and aged pancetta carbonara"

The pasta menu "Black Truffle and Aged Pancetta Carbonara" will be available for Italian tomatoes. It will be available nationwide from January 13th to March 9th. The selling price is 800 yen (tax included) for eat-in.

Carbonara with black truffles and aged pancetta

According to Italian tomatoes, black truffles are mushrooms called "black diamonds" because of their mellow aroma and rarity. "Pancetta" is a traditional Italian raw bacon made by aging salted pork ribs and condensing the flavor.

This time, it is said to be a dish with the umami of fragrantly baked pancetta and the rich taste of carbonara sauce with egg yolk added. Grated cheese, black pepper and black truffle paste are added to the finish to add richness and aroma.

The stores are "Italian Tomato Cafe Junior", "Italian Tomato Cafe", "Italian Tomato Cafe Junior Plus", "Cafe Superiore", "Caffe Italian Tomato", "Caffe Vigore", and "Kurami Coffee". Some stores are not available.