Fujiya "Country Ma'am (vanilla & chocolate phrase)" "Home pie (butter & French toast)"

Fujiya will release "Country Ma'am (Vanilla & Chocolat Phrase)" and "Home Pie (Butter & French Toast)" on January 25th. Scheduled to be handled at supermarkets.

COUNTRY MA'AM (vanilla & chocolate phrase)

Assorted two types, the classic "vanilla" and the "chocolate phrase", which is based on the image of a popular cake from Fujiya's pastry shop. "Chocolate Phrase" is a country ma'am where you can enjoy the luxurious taste of chocolate and strawberries. Black cocoa is blended into both the inner and outer dough, and pink chocolate chips containing strawberry powder are combined and baked. Contents 19 pieces (12 vanilla, 7 chocolate phrases), price is open.

Fujiya "Country Ma'am (Vanilla & Chocolat Phrase)"

Home pie (butter & french toast)

Assorted two types, the classic "butter" and the sweet and gentle taste "French toast". "French toast" is a home pie that is rich in flavor by adding whole milk powder to the dough prepared with fermented seeds and natural water of Mt. Fuji. Contents 34 pieces (20 pieces of butter, 14 pieces of French toast), price is open.

Fujiya "Home Pie (Butter & French Toast)"

Some products under the "Home Pie" brand have a random branding iron of Peko-chan's illustration on the surface of the pie. * Only butter has a branding iron.