Spring limited new genre "Clear Asahi Cherry Blossom Feast"

Asahi Breweries' "Clear Asahi" brand will sell a new spring-only genre "Clear Asahi Sakura no Utage" from February 1st. The price is open. 350ml (11.83us fl oz) cans and 500ml (16.91us fl oz) cans. Alcohol content is 5%. Scheduled to be sold until April. However, it will end as soon as the planned quantity is shipped.

Clear Asahi Cherry Blossom Feast

"Clear Asahi Sakura no Utage" is a new spring-only genre that brightly colors drinking scenes such as spring dining tables and cherry blossom viewing. The refreshing and light taste unique to "Clear Asahi" is retained, but by using a part of "Saburohop", a "brilliant scent" is added and the taste is finished like spring. The package has an impressive design that makes you feel the arrival of spring at a glance by drawing the cherry blossoms in full bloom on the entire can with the product name "Sakura no Utage".

Clear Asahi

The "Clear Asahi" brand develops seasonal limited products centered on the mainstay "Clear Asahi". "Clear Asahi Sakura no Utage" has been on sale as a spring-only product since 2016 and has been well received.