Kobe tea "chocolate tea"

From January 11th, Valentine's Day tea "Chocolate Tea" is on sale in limited quantities from Kobe Black Tea. Available at Kobe Tea Online Shop and Kobe Tea Amazon Official Sales Site.

Chocolate tea

Valentine's tea, which is popular every year, is a flavored tea with the sweet scent of chocolate. A blend of rich Assam and Kenyan black tea, which is popular in the UK, it goes well with milk tea. This year it was prepared in a tea bag. Comes in a chocolate-colored box, perfect for Valentine's gifts.

Kobe tea "chocolate tea"

The content is 3.0g (0oz) x 5 tea bags (Tetra). The price is 648 yen (tax included).

Kobe tea

"Kobe Black Tea" is a long-established black tea maker founded in 1925. We manufacture discerning tea bags using a cotton filter with excellent extraction power using our unique technology. Black tea samples delivered from more than 160 excellent tea gardens around the world are rigorously examined and purchased by one of the few "tea appraisers" in Japan. Only selected high quality tea leaves are blended with Japanese water.