"Kobe Fabreton" opened in Shinjuku

At "Kobe Fabreton" which opened in Shinjuku on January 11, "Farbreton" in collaboration with Nonotori will be on sale to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the candy "Junro". The price starts from 350 yen (tax included).

Fabreton is a classic confectionery from the Brittany region of France, with a moist, pudding-like texture. This collaboration resonates with UHA Mikakuto, a wild bird company that aims to develop local products, revitalize the region, work with production areas, and become a sixth industry. At the timing of the 50th anniversary of pure dew and the timing of a new challenge to the sweets area of wild birds, collaboration with a view to the future was realized.


Notori sought a new shape for "Far Breton" and created a completely new Fabreton with a crispy texture on the surface and a crisp "egg, fragrant cream" taste inside.

The crisp, gentle and nostalgic sweetness is the charm of Fabreton that can only be realized in collaboration with "Junro". You can eat it as it is, or you can use it as a topping such as sour cream or fruit.

The fertilized egg "Banshu Ji Egg" is used, which is carefully and freely laid in the mountains of Kita-Harima, Hyogo Prefecture, in Kami, Takamachi. It is a gem that you can feel the mellow richness and the flavor of the egg firmly from the "orange yolk" that is full of swelling.