Hot more grilled "Vegetable Ankake Tenshindon" "Meat Ankake Tenshindon"

From "Hotto Motto grill", "Vegetable Ankake Tenshindon" and "Meat Ankake Tenshindon" will be on sale from January 17th. The price is 590 yen each (tax included).

"Hot Motto Grill" Tianjin rice is served by placing softly baked eggs on warm rice and sprinkling it just before eating the bean paste with plenty of ingredients. The bean paste is rich in the flavor of chicken soup and oyster sauce, and is finished in a rich soy sauce-based flavor that is scented with sesame oil and Shaoxing wine. There are two types of lineup: "Vegetable Ankake Tenshindon" that uses plenty of vegetables and "Meat Ankake Tenshindon" that uses plenty of minced chicken.

Vegetable Ankake Tenshindon

"Vegetable Ankake Tianjin Rice" is a Tianjin rice with vegetables, which is made by adding ground chicken, white vegetables, green onions, green onions, red and yellow peppers, and snap pea. It is a satisfying dish that you can enjoy the texture of vegetables and the taste of minced chicken.

Meat Ankake Tenshindon

"Meat Ankake Tianjin Rice" is a product with excellent response to eating, with rich bean paste, plenty of minced chicken, and chopped shiitake mushrooms that enhance the taste. The bean paste, which allows you to enjoy both the texture and umami of the meat, is sprinkled with small onions to add flavor, and red pickled ginger is added as an accent to the taste.

* Not sold at "Hot Motto"